Barking Mad: One Hotel. One Couple. Two Dreams.


Barking Mad is a comedic drama following the lives of a couple in their mid-thirties struggling to make ends meet in the craziness of a struggling town. Based out of a 2-Star hotel in ‘up and coming’ Barking, the husband who is a visionary, determined to turn their decaying investment into a 4-Star A-class Hotel is met with opposition from his very grounded and stable wife who, behind his back, signs the hotel up as Emergency Housing with the local housing authority just to make ends meet.

From week to week, not only do we have a wonderful insight into the marriage of these two struggling London-professionals as they try unsuccessfully to start a family; but we will also follow the lives of their staff (the French Michelin-starred Chef who is on the run from the police and now being blackmailed, to the young African Sous Chef, who is also the cleaner, receptionist, chamber maid and everything else needed to run the hotel.

All of this is interspersed with scenes between hotel guests who have traveled into London and booked what they believed to be a very nice and economical 2-Star Hotel and the various refugees and families who come to the property for varying lengths of time for emergency housing.

The show has been created, written and produced collectively by four sisters; Jacqueline Malcolm, Marva Gregorio De Souza, Karol Malcolm and Executive Producer, Eva Christine Ingram.

Barking Mad is currently on air every Sunday @ 12pm on Colourful Radio ( voted UK’s #1 Urban Station 2015.

Below are some samples of previous shows but to listen to all previous episodes, visit our page on Colourful Radio’ (here is the link

The Production Crew & Cast:

Created, Written & Produced: Jacqueline Malcolm, Marva Gregorio De Souza and Karol Malcolm

Executive Producer: Eva Christine Ingram

Director: Jacqueline Malcolm

Cast: David Guerney, Verona Rose, Ian Pink and Josie Mills

Production Team: Hugh Miles and Leanne Bower

Original Music: Hugh Miles